Saturday, November 12, 2011

OPI Muppets!

Hello!!! Today I stopped by Ulta to check out the recently launched Muppet polish line by OPI.  I read about this line a few weeks ago and was super excited to get my hands on some (hahaha).

I walked out with two shades from the line, Rainbow Connection and Excuse Moi!  Rainbow Connection is a chunky glitter polish in, take a guess.....RAINBOW colors.  This polish reminds me a lot of another shade by OPI, Mad as a Hatter, from the Alice in Wonderland collection a while back.  Mad as a Hatter is one of my all time favorite shades that I unfortunately ruined. I had used the shade so much that the polish itself was getting thick and hard to apply.  So I added a few drops of finger nail polish remover to the bottle to thin the polish out, not realizing that the polish remover would take the color off of the glitter.  When I looked at the bottle next time I wanted to use it it was a horrible brownish black color, needless to say I was devastated that I ruined my favorite polish.

Excuse Moi is a strawberry pink polish with multi colored glitter.

Excuse Moi (left) Rainbow Connection (right) $8.50

Hope you enjoy!

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