Friday, November 11, 2011

Mirrored Makeup Brush Holder

I have a pretty large collection of makeup brushes and I am always on the hunt for new brush containers or ideas.  I love the mirrored effect and have a few pieces of mirrored furniture.  I thought it would be a cool idea to create my own mirrored makeup brush holders.

Here is how I made my containers:

Materials that I used

  • Some type of a glass jar or container (I used old mason jars)
  • Newspaper
  • Looking Glass Spray Paint (I found mine at Michaels for about $16)

First I took my empty mason jar (making sure that the inside is clean) and the Looking Glass Spray Paint.  This particular spray paint needs to be shaken very well and you spray in short thin coats.  (I learned the hard way that you should not apply too thick of a coat.  It ends up blotchy, uneven, and takes a long time to dry.)

To get the mirrored effect you MUST spray paint the INSIDE of the jar. While wet, the paint is very sparkly, silver, and non mirrored.  As the thin coats of paint dry, the paint dries with a mirrored effect and you are left with a mirrored mason jar.

It takes a thin coat of paint about 5 minutes to dry to the touch.

To get the effect of the jars I painted I used six thin coats of the Looking Glass spray paint.

Hope you all like the idea.  Let me see pictures of your creations!

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