Saturday, November 26, 2011

Best Bar of Soap Out There

Trader Joes is one of my all time favorite stores.  I get excited every time I go there.  Can't say the same for other grocery stores.  Joe's definitely has a great thing going, a fun upbeat atmosphere and some of the happiest employees I have ever seen.  I'm not talking about put on your best face and pretend you are having a good time.  Every employee I have come in contact with seems really happy, like they enjoy what they are doing.

I discovered this gem several years ago and have been loyal to it ever since.  Not only is this one of the biggest bars of soap I have ever seen, it smells am-a-zing!  It says ginger almond scent, but I smell almond the most.  This creamy bar is chuck full of good for you and the environment ingredients and provides many sudsy showers.  There are chunks of oatmeal scattered throughout the bar for some added exfoliation.  

Best soap ever! $2.99

Hands down I would recommend this soap to anyone who loves a great smelling, moisturizing, and full of good for you ingredients.

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