Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day One: MAC pigment decisions

I cannot begin to add up the hours I have spent looking at other beauty lovers blog postings.  I have a desk job that allows me endless hours in the work day to feed my growing addiction for all things beauty.  So far today I spent at least an hour and a half looking at different MAC pigment swatches.  I have been trying to decide between the MAC Vanilla pigment and the Frozen White pigment.  I am trying to decide which shade will work best to highlight my NW20 skin.  I have several other highlight shades ranging in brands from MAC and NARS, to drug store brands, but always seem to be searching for more.  Without seeing the colors in person I think I will go with the Vanilla color.  Swatches of Vanilla pigment and my other highlight colors to come very soon!

MAC Frozen White Pigment
MAC Vanilla Pigment

Coming soon, my review on MAC Complete Comfort Creme.

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