Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MAC Wipes Review

I have heard so much hype about MAC's face wipes, but never tried them until recently.  Most people have a love or hate relationship with the wipes.  Many say that the wipes caused their skin to break out.  This is the main reason that I was so hesitant to try them.  My finicky skin does not need any help when it comes to breaking out.  After a recent visit to my local MAC store, I finally decided to breakdown and try them out for myself.

MAC Wipes 100 Count $28

At first I was a little put off because of their smell.  They have a very strong perfume smell to them.  To me the smell was not horrible, just strong, so I decided to give them a chance.  Since then the smell has actually grown on me.   I was completely shocked the first time the wipe touched my face.  It literally made all of the makeup disappear in one quick swipe.  I have never found another makeup removing wipe that could do this.  I was wearing lotion, SPF, Primer, foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, etc and one swipe took it all off!

I use these wipes before working out and sometimes at the end of the day to take off my makeup.  I read some where that the wipes are made with a sugar based emulsifier that helps breakdown makeup.

Besides the makeup melting strength my favorite thing about these bad boys is that they are moisturizing and leave my skin feeling as soft as a babies behind.   My biggest complaint of other makeup removing wipes is that they leave my dry skin feeling tight, uncomfortable, and even more dry. 


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